back porch music

November 16, 2011

I just finished making a pretty Autumn playlist. Many of my song selections were inspired by my wonderful parents, who bestowed upon me and my siblings the gift of good music. One of my fondest childhood memories involved sitting on the back porch with my family, drinking tea, and listening to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and many other audibly intoxicating musicians. Of course the crickets made great back-up singers. This music was powerful enough to compel the younger version of myself to commit those fleeting moments to memory. I knew they were something special. Listening to these songs will forever transport me to a simpler, more innocent time. It’s funny how music can shape who you become. The melodies, the lyrics, and the voices -the images they evoke- are permanent fixtures in my mind, always there to influence my perception of and approach to life. I love the way music makes me feel significant in the face of such a big wide world and a universe beyond my comprehension. It’s miraculous, really. Many of my most peaceful moments take place when I’m alone with music. I am so keenly aware of myself during this time, and to me, this is essential to true happiness. In closing, enjoy these live performances!


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