November 3, 2011

Hello my hopefully future friends! My name is Marie. At this very moment, I am 27 years old. I am starting this blog for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, my mind is overflowing with ideas and I often fear I have no place to keep and share them. With this blog, I am hoping to see these ideas come to fruition. Following through with things has always been a challenge for me as I have far too many interests and not enough time to enjoy them, so this blog will be my therapy. Living a whole and creative life is a tremendous challenge for me these days. I am at a crossroads in my life, much like many people my age. I recently left my job to begin working toward a Master’s Degree (I have a B.A. in Historic Preservation). While studying for the very daunting GRE and applying to various schools in my wonderful state of Virginia, I spend a majority of my day working at my family’s wig and hat shop. I also dedicate a good deal of my spare time to working on my jewelry business, Luna Rosa. I am a busy bee. While my life is full of happiness and beauty, I often feel anxious that I am not fully stopping to appreciate, explore, and dwell in it. Creating this blog is my attempt to do just that. Over the years, I’ve taken great joy in reading other peoples’ blogs. I envied the small worlds they created for themselves in the vast cyberspace frontier. Creating and maintaining my own blog always seemed so intimidating, but one day I came to the realization that it is exactly what I need. I need not worry what others will think of it. It is for me. It is a place where I can express myself to myself. Still, it would make me so very happy to share my little world with you all. You can expect me to talk about the following things that bring me great pleasure: music, art, history, food, all things handmade, and the people that I love.


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